Trust that it’s enough.

Last night I curled up in my bed and cried into my pillows until I was too tired to think. Life felt hard, overwhelming, my day was a carnival ride of first-timer mistakes and unknowns.

I spent hours riding highs and lows. Wheel-spinning, head-banging, minutes fumbling my way through new assignments.

Researching, writing, pacing, long-staring into my tea cup, making whiny calls to mom…

“New chapter’s are hard!” I cried. “I want to be better.” I whined. “Why can’t I stop over-complicating it?” I sighed.

You know what I see? a friend said. I see you trying.

I see you making shity first drafts—getting them over with and out of the way.

That’s the learning process. We all know it and go through it.

You are devoted to the slow deliberate growth of yourself. And that is enough.

Trust that it’s enough.

Trust that the pieces are falling into place.

Trust the pace of your process.

Trust the ancient pulse of your intuition

Trust the mess ups, the practice, the pit-falls.

Trust the tired pain at the end of a long day—it’s forging new pathways in your brain. It’s etching the progress for your visions and goals.

Whatever you’re learning, starting, trying, practicing—whether it’s life, family, business, or body. Whether you are preparing, practicing, or performing it publicly. Where you are. What you’re doing, and how you’re doing it. Is enough.

It’s enough to take micro steps towards the future you long for.

It’s enough to sit trembling and unsure.

It’s enough to trust your first hundred tries that aren’t as beautiful or easy as you’d like.

Its enough to have done whatever you did.

How else would you have gotten here? How else would you know what you know now?

Rest and repeat.

Test and repeat.

Trust and repeat.

It’s more than enough. You’ll see.

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  1. At times it can be difficult to embrace what others can tell on your behalf, which is: You’ve got this.

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