This is a simple gratitude list, because there are so many people who help me to write, make art, run my business, and navigate life.

Mom & Dad. Thank you for the encouragement and unconditional love. You are wonderful. I’m so glad you met in high school, had sex, and created me.

Ryan. Thank you for being my best friend and the best father for my children that I could ever ask for. You make me laugh until I can’t breathe anymore. You have loved me and grown up with me and helped me learn to think about how to create a future I’m excited about and how to live in a present that is filled with love and gratitude.

Zipporah, Boaz, & Odin. My greatest teachers and most prized creations. You are the most wonderful, inspiring, sweet, people I know. You are my ultimate motivation for creating a life of freedom, beautiful experiences, and adventure. I am so proud to be your mom.

Jake & Riley. You are the best little brothers. Your kind hearts and entertaining antics make me smile and give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

Aunt Amy. You always give me the greatest books to read. Sharing writing and impartial gratitude lists with you is so special and grounding for me.

Tasha. Thanks for being one of my very first reasons to write. We have been sending each other letters for 23 years now! Somehow, you always know the EXACT perfect time to text, write, or leave me a hilarious voicemail. Your words and love have meant the world to me.

Ferchu. Our collaborations over the years have been so fun and delightful. You constantly inspire me to create art that is meaningful and passion-driven. And thanks to you I have a lovely, simple, Kenzie-inspired logo.

My friends, readers, clients, and colleagues. Thanks for reading my stories. Thanks for signing up for my gatherings. Thanks for hopping onto Zoom to hang out with me, and to write, talk, laugh, cry, and create things. Every single one of you has shaped my life. I’m forever grateful. xo.