Back-to-Basics pillars for your mental health

In 1949 Mental Health Awareness month was born in the United States. The Mental Health America organization chose May to be a month dedicated to focusing on this hugely important aspect of health and wellness.

After all our mental wellness determines our ability to be healthy in our bodies, present and connected in our relationships, and successful in our work.

So during the month of May, MHA, its affiliates, and other mental health allies offer mental wellness activities and resources.

Each year a theme for Mental Health Awareness month is chosen. The theme for 2022 is Back to Basics.

I think this is delightfully serendipitous because earlier this year, unaware Back to Basics would be the MHA theme for this year I actually created my own Back-to-Basics worksheet—specifically designed to help build back resilience on days like the one I was having when I created the worksheet—days that feel sad and frustrating due to the fact that my basic needs were not getting enough of my attention.

The Back-to-Basics worksheet is my gift to you. You can download your copy at the end of this article.

But first! Here is a collection of serenity vitamins shared by lovely souls from around the Making It So circle who answered the question early this month, “How do you tend to your mental health on a regular basis?” :

When I am feeling overwhelmed I like to get some fresh air, make some tea, and try to revamp my entire life in my notebook

I put together a list of writing prompts that help me to refocus my energy. The prompts include; Energy Audit, gratitude list, Manifestation Map, SMART goals, and a list of things I like about myself.

My mental health is improved whenever I stop to watch wildlife (or backyard chickens). 

My mental health is guarded in the morning and in the evening by prayer. My prayers are thankful, I ask only for guidance, and I utilize it as a moment to surrender when necessary and let go – let God. 

I tend to my mental health by listening to guided meditations and using a breathing app that help me get better and better at regulating my nervous system and taking control of my thoughts.

Making and sharing impartial gratitude lists with a trusted friend.

I have been leaving my phone in another room at bedtime and reading or writing instead of watching tv or skimming social media. I started doing this because my insomnia was getting so bad. It sounds simple but it totally gives me the vibe I need to get tired, unwind and stay asleep so I am well rested the next day.

As for me, I’m protecting my mental health lately by getting back to my basics—taking walks outside without my phone, my daily gratitude practice, and making my Next Day list before I go to bed. These 3 things are back-to-basics pillars for me. They help me feel grounded, grateful, and ensure my work time is peaceful and productive.

Want to figure out what you’re Back-to-Basics pillars are? Here’s a FREE worksheet I made you so you can do just that.

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