The Seasons Within You


This year I published my first book, The Seasons Within You!!!

For 5 years I have been developing this guidebook / journal and I am so pleased to have finally made my dream a reality!

About The Seasons Within You: 
A woman’s womb cycle consists of four phases. Each of these phases takes on its own energy and has a unique function that can be compared to the year’s four seasons.

Your womb cycle is not a curse it is a Creatress calendar! 

Understanding the potent creative process of the Creative cycle is the first step in realigning with our personal power and turning our creative potential on FULL blast.

The Seasons Within You—Womb Cycle Guide and Period Tracker, helps girls and women gain a deeper understanding of cycle wisdom and the inherent power within them. 

What’s inside:

• Basic description of the 4 phases of your womb cycle, and the themes and energy each offers.

• Breathing The Story Of The Moon guided meditation and activity.

Full-color Cycle Wisdom Diagram of menstruation, seasons, and moon phase correlation.

• Cycle wisdom quick reference key for menstruation phase, season, and moon phase themes.

• 12 months of period tracker pages with color-coded phase markers and fill-in-the-blank spaces for noting fluid type, energy levels, mood, cravings, etc…

• Journal section and journaling prompts for each phase of your cycle.

• 5X8″ size is sleek and discreet and easy to travel with.

• Matte minimalist cover.

It’s available for purchase on Amazon. And there is a red or black version to choose from.

Cycle wisdom will change your life.

As you discover the rhythm of your personal cycle the self-knowledge you gain opens the door to greater self-trust and peaceful productivity in all areas of your life.

I hope that girls and women everywhere enjoy this guidebook/journal! I absolutely loved writing it, and I’m stoked about how it turned out. 🙂

Your peaceful productivity partner,

– Kenzie

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