Quarterly Review for Business & Life

Have you been feeling the need for revised clarity? Evaluated evolution? Productivity that provides peace and stability?

If so, you aren’t alone.

It’s a natural thing that happens when seasons turn over or transitions abound. We respond to the light and energy of the Summer Solstice— it’s pulse of creative agency beating in our own hearts. We respond to the harvests of Fall—urges to take inventory. We rest and restore through Winter—walk the dreamy path and set intention. And we respond to the return of fresh growth at the onset of Spring—impulses to regenerate and start a new well up inside and around us.

A common, helpful, ritual many of us gravitate towards during times of transition, is some form of a Quarterly Review. These 5 simple soulful quarterly review questions will leave you feeling clear and energized for whatever is next:

What do you hope to accomplish this quarter? What are you most excited to build/cultivate at this time?

What has been helpful lately? What has set you up for success or encouraged your progress towards the goals you have listed above?

What has not been helpful lately? What has been a pain in the ass, a drag on your energy, or a waste of time/resources?

What would you like to experience more of? What would be dreamy, amazing, and wonderful?! What does it look like? What does it feel like? What does it sound like? etc… Get sensory, get good-vibes-only. Get ready!… Cause whatever it is it wants you too.

⁃ What do you wish someone else would take care of? Is there something that needs to happen that someone else could help you with, or take off your hands completely?

What ever you are cultivating at this time, let it unfold naturally. Wherever you are in the process, let yourself blossom for your own joy! You are supported, you are powerful, you are on time.

Your creative ally,


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