Out with the old. Calling in the new.

Tashlich means to “cast off.”

When you do Tashlich you toss little bits of bread or stones into a body of water, like a river or ocean. Tashlich is a ritual that is traditionally performed during the time of the Jewish New Year celebration, Rosh Hashanah.

It’s a symbolic gesture—you toss away things that haunt you, things that feel heavy, things you don’t want to carry any longer, things you want to release from your life. Making room for that which may better serve you.

The way I’ve always chosen to do it is to release what doesn’t serve me on one side of a stone and name what I want to usher in on the other side. Sometimes I perform this ritual on my birthday. Or when the seasons change. Or randomly whenever I find it will relieve some tension and refresh my spirit.

This ritual has the potential to free you from worry, wasted time, confusion, unhealthy habits. It has the potential to invite cultivation of that which may bring you more peace, power, clarity, or anything else you need that will usher you towards your goals.

If you are feeling the urge to let go of something(s) and usher in an empowering replacement then you may enjoy performing your own personal version of this practice.

Another more commonly recognized tradition that has similar but more analytical intentions is the Quarterly Review process: A review or examination (that happens at intervals of 3 months) done in order to see whether a system or situation can be improved.

My upcoming Making It So circle will be dedicated to the sharing of Quarterly reviews (business or personal.)

At our vircle (virtual circle) you can cast your intentions for your next quarter of the year into our groups shared ocean of loving consciousness.

You can let your worries and wants sink into the cleansing, life-giving, waters of our Making It So hearts.

-You can tell us one word or phrase you intend to focus on this quarter.

-Or you can tell us everything ever—what you intend to create, what you intend to change, what you need help with, etc. Here are 5 questions for a simple soulful quarterly examination.

-Or you can tell us nothing—you can just listen and bask in the contagious effects of collective proclamations being cast into the ethers of manifestation.

There is no pressure or prerequisite to join. You are invited if you would like to join and it is free. However, please pre-register here if you do intend to join us. It’s happening this coming Sunday September 26th.

Your peaceful productivity partner,


Ps. My friend, Samantha Norman (who is a nurse and wellness coach), and I are starting a revolution! We are determined to transform the phrase “Cold and Flu” season into “Renewed Wellness” season. Learn more/join the revolution here.

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