Setting Boundaries for Work/Life Balance

Knowing when to say yes/no. Understanding and prioritizing our basic needs helps us know when to say yes or no. Our basic and personal needs are important things to consider and protect. And when we prioritize them we insure a firm creative foundation for our lives, we can show up as our best selves and produce quality work that we’re proud of.  

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a great resource to consider when prioritizing such needs. If something is “messing with your Maslow’s.” as my husband puts it—then it’s probably best to say no to that request or stop doing that thing. Simple as that. It’s not serving you.

And No one benefits from your exhaustion or from you compromising your health.

On the other hand, everyone benefits from your health and happiness.

Mantras for work/life balance. One member of our Making It So circle shared the power of affirmative self-talk. She reminds herself often (especially) when she’s having a hard time getting started:

“I know what’s mine to do and create and I am capable.”

Here are some more affirmations for work/life balance

Giving yourself transition time. Transitional rituals for before and after work help us hold the necessary space for whatever activity is at hand.  A grounding/energizing practice before starting work or when transitioning from work mode to not work mode can be a simple ritual that takes less than 5 mins. A guided meditation, a candle-lit shower, a fun playlist, some journaling time, a walk. “Transition time” is magical!

Having fun. What are your habits of whimsy? Your patterns of play? What do you do for fun? But what does that mean exactly?… Here are some definitions of fun you may find inspiring:

This man went from corporate asshole (his words not mine) to slow-motion skater + local celebrity when he discovered the power of finding his fun/flow state. 

-Glennon Doyle talks about how to have fun in this podcast—Fun. What the hell is it and why do we need it? 

Celebrating progress and end results. Celebrating our progress and creative harvests is a great way to avoid the burnout that can come from the go, go, go, mentality of the creation process. 

Pausing regularly to appreciate our efforts, and share with others is smart, kind, and reenergizing. It allows us the opportunity to share skills and art with others who may need what we have to offer.  And it provides the opportunity to bask in the restorative and inspiring vibes of gratitude, which will refill your creative fuel tank for whatever is next. 

For now keep on keeping on. Prioritize your needs. Affirm your brilliance and capability. Bookend your work time with transitional rituals.

Play. Celebrate. Be well. 


Ps. Need a Peaceful Productivity Partner? I’m here for you. ♥

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