Manifestation Maps

What’s the next way you want to feel? What pieces, people, and possibilities are involved?

What if you had a Manifestation Map that helped you know, remember, do, and have this feeling you desire, this thing you crave?

Make a Manifestation Map – a list that clarifies and leads you towards your deepest desires. Most importantly it gives you the words to collect and utilize your power.

How to make a Manifestation Map:

First, write the name of your desire, goal or simply the feeling you want at the top of a piece of paper. Be careful and intention-based with the name. Use positive language. Say what you want. Not what you don’t want. Throw some adjectives in to help you clarify the feeling you want. The name itself should give you all the feels.

Body Bliss Map (a map for optimizing my energy and increasing my vitality)
– Relaxing Family Vacation Map (a map for planning the vacation we all want/need)
– Dream Job Map (a map for manifesting work that supports and satisfies me)

Second, start listing your “Must-haves.” The things that need to happen in order for you to feel like your basic needs are taken care of.

– I make $2000 (or more) a month.
– Involves fitness plan and activity routines that can be done even if I have kids with me.
– Tickets are $700 (or better) per ticket, round trip.

Third, list what would make it even sweeter. What things would fill you with immense amounts of gratitude. Now you are getting some strong vibes.

– Our Airbnb hosts are friendly, helpful, and inspiring. (maybe we become lifelong friends!)
– My job allows me lots of time alone to think and have quiet time.
– Fitness plan includes learning new forms and practices that are full-body practices.

Fourth, add things that would be blow-your-mind good. Things you might consider “too good to be true.” We can not look for what we are unwilling to mention. So at least crack a window for magic to fly into your life and land happily on the end of your nose.

– My fitness plan is addictive/meditative/blissful.
– My job offers paid holidays, bonuses, and unimaginable bounty.

Finally, read back through your list, make adjustments, add the “or betters.”

I make $2000 (or more) a month.
– The itinerary includes long layovers to recover and explore new cities along the way.

Reread your list. Lean into each thing. Feel it’s feels, bask in the vibes. Dwell in the possibilities. Marvel over the endless resources and abundant, unseen, or unknown opportunities.

This is how we collect our power. This power we collect makes things move in and around us, propelling us towards our desires.

Get ready to feel like a mother fucking wizard!

Keep the map close. Put it on your fridge, tape it to your bathroom mirror. Read through it often. If you are more visual use this list as a blueprint for a vision board. If you are moved by sound find songs or write ditties that talk about the feelings you’ve outlined. Or boldly pronounce the intentions you listed to a friend, a pet, an empty room, a house plant, or the comment section below. Life has ears in each of these places. Creation itself has stores of possibilities to flick into motion. So send out sparks with your thoughts and words.

Our power travels as far as our minds can reach. Blessed be our sweet and wondrous manifestations! Click here to download your free Manifestation Map guidebook.

All the best!

– Kenzie

Ps. Please feel free to share bits of your Manifestation Maps in the comments. Your ideas could be a light bulb for me or others. Questions? Feel free to reach out to me at

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