Give me that song that makes you feel balmy.
Give me that prayer that brings you peace.
Give me that recipe, that tastes like comfort and works like a remedy.
Give me the art you made last week.

Give me the worn-out copy of that book you love.
Give me the old picture of us that you found.
Give me a list of your gratitude.
Give me the name of your favorite place in town.

Send me a letter that captures the mood you’re in.
Tell me the last omen you saw.
Give me the source of your latest laugh.
Leave me a voice-mail, give me a call.

5 thoughts on “Gifts

      1. Well, thank you for the invitation, i will… 🙂
        Your poem is beautiful, and i don’t wish to take away from it by making it into anything else.
        But since you asked, here’s what came of pondering it…

        Balmy song: Brighter Than the Sun, Colbie Caillat
        Peace-bringing prayer: Namaste
        Comfort/remedy recipe: maple oatmeal with raisins
        Last week’s art: a letter to a friend and a knitted sweater

        Beloved book: Consolations of Philosophy, Alain de Botton
        Old picture of us: becoming friends traveling in Europe
        Gratitude list: resonant relating, simple pleasures
        Favorite place: the coffee shop we meet at to talk

        Mood in my letter: quiet gratitude and wonder
        Last omen: storm clouds outside my window
        Latest laugh source: silly jokes with friends
        Leaving you a voicemail: “I can hardly wait to see you.”


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