What are Your Wins?

A couple of friends and I recently added a Wins Celebration Day to our monthly calendars.

Around the time of the Full moon we gather, have dinner, and share with each other our wins from the previous cycle. We talk about blocks we overcame, goals we reached, things we are working toward. We discuss the Universal magic, miracles, and unexpected awesomeness that were sprinkled into our most recent cycle.

The win celebration is a ritual of acknowledgment, accountability, and appreciation. We lavish ourselves in luscious endorphins and empowering antidotes, we feel supported and supporting, we make note of recent growth and excitement of the future growth that embodies the energy of a Full moon.

Ps. Please feel free to share your Wins from the last month in the comments. We can celebrate together here!

2 thoughts on “What are Your Wins?

  1. Wins this month = Resiliency and faith in myself and Life when anxiety hit hard this month. Finally updated my website. Made Latkes with the Kids, they were the best ever this year. Got a bonus at work. Outlined fitness goals. Made a Manifestation Map with my partner to help us focus and clarify the goals we have for the next 3 years.

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