How to turn work into play & breaks into creative wellsprings.

I knew this little girl, who taught me how to turn work into play and deadends into breaks and breaks into joyful rediscoveries of creative wellsprings.

The girl enjoyed playing and experiencing the world in all the many ways. Each day she would choose her work and character for the day and then dress up accordingly.

She’d sit at her little makeshift workspace, in her little makeshift outfit, and do completely meaningful work of some kind.

When she was tiresome or bored she took a tea break. She’d meet with the her stuffed friends, Bear, Unicorn, Pink caterpillar, and imaginary friends too —who all happened to possess wise and ancient souls and who gave grounding and affirmative advice.

She would pose her questions and sip her tea.

She told me the answers were never as important as the questions.

After her tea break (which she admitted sometimes lasted for days or weeks…there’s no knowing how long a tea break with friends should be.) When she felt full and fabulous and revived she would return to her meaningful tasks and deep work.

This little girl was a younger me… a me who operated from her spiritual center. A me who trusted the direction of her delight. A me who wore whatever hat she liked and knew it was perfectly right. Who didn’t think about what other people think.

She taught me that if you feel like you are hitting a wall, you might be missing a more appropriate opportunity. Don’t stop at the wall, perrhaps redirect and find something that brings you joy, then put your energy there for a while.

Joy can always lead us back to our creative and authentic selves. Which is where you need to be in order to unleash your creative genius and live your best life.

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