All I need.

Tonight I drove home in a snowstorm. The world looking like a Lite-Brite smeared behind cold glass. Snowflakes pouring down under street lights in every direction.

Sugar rain from an endless source.

And I thought to myself… “Abundance.”

And then I felt that each snowflake that landed on my car brought something that I needed into my life. Each a solution, a blessing, or surprise.

One for a peaceful house when I get home. One for words that untie the tangles in my soul. One for the exercise my body is craving. One for every single person who will feed me their soul-chips.

Countless specks for love and laughter. Some for the music that soothes me. Some for joys, some for strength, some for ease. Some for the way through uncertainty.

On and on it went. A lifetime of everything I need landing on me. Even the things I can’t name yet or things that may never have a name. Even the things that have come and I’ve forgotten them but they left a kind of peace.

Endless, endless, endless, support in each landing. Until soon each crystal drew a whisper from my love-drenched heart.

A soft and happy “Thanks.”

For Kim, Priestess of Pronoia – who taught me this concept with falling leaves.

2 thoughts on “All I need.

  1. You are a special snowflake of love and abundance yourself! Thanks for sharing! You’re amazing!

    I’ll try and put that on your page. .



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