On diligence, dreams, + doing what you damn well please.

When Andrew was a little boy his mother gave him a six-string guitar.

He didn’t know how to play it, and nobody was able to teach him, so he slid it under his bed and went about his business.

But all he wanted to do was sing and play that guitar.

One night, he had a dream — in the dream an old man gave him a new guitar. But this guitar was different — it had only one string.

In his dream, Andrew played his one-string guitar, while lions & elephants whooped and roared and his spirit sang and soared.

When Andrew woke up, he grabbed his guitar from under his bed. Dusted it off and without any hesitation took all but one string off. He was thrilled! He was making his dreams become real.

His uncle laughed and said, “there’s no such thing as a one-string guitar.”

But Andrew was determined. He was driven by his dreams. And was decidedly destined to do what he damn well pleased.

So he played that one string guitar anyway.

He played.
And played.
He sang.
And sang.
And his spirit was glad.

His audience—unseen at first, consisting of the subtle ears of the Universe, the insects, the rocks, the leaves, the windy spirits of his ancestors… listened quietly, curiously, utterly intrigued…

He played.
And played.
He sang.
And sang.
And his dream sprang into life wild and free.

His audience grew, slowly, until soon, they were whooping and roaring and cheering in amazement and glee…

In time, Andrew earned a nickname — Brushy One-String — and began to travel the world, delighting audiences from England to Japan to New York City, he secured national radio coverage and even a significant role in a documentary film.

If you have a diligent dream, then diligently do it. Disregard the nay-sayers. And do what you damn well please.

Because your dream is written on your heart for a reason.

And even if it seems slow, or silly, or selfish—it is serving you and the wider world.

Because when you chase your delight you are like a vitamin of joy and inspiration to those around you.

Your peaceful productivity partner,


Ps. Good questions to discuss over dinner tonight with your pet, your house plants, your higher-self (they’re all great listeners), or with your human family/friends:

 – What is your favorite idea or greatest dream at the moment?

– Have you been making your dreams real? Have you overcome any challenges, completed steps in your creative process, tried new things, or made any subtle (or not so subtle) shifts towards your vision?

– What is something nice, or weird, or just plain awesome that has happened recently to urge or support the pursuits of your dream(s)? 

– What recent outcomes or milestones can we celebrate? (I’d love to celebrate with you! click here to share with me)

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