Have you tried an exploratory jaunt?

Ahh… The smell of mud, the sound of boots treading the earth, the magical shinny world that lives in the mirror of a puddle.

But first…. You should know that usually when I start out on a walk, my back is a bit tense, my mind is muddled with brain noise and questions. “How will I name my specialty offerings?” “Who is my ideal client…really?” And, “what the actual f*ck is my niche?”

I walk on. I try to do a breathing practice. I get light-headed and realize that practice should probably be done in a seated position. *Sigh.

I walk and walk. I nod at a stranger. I stop to appreciate a glimmery puddle, I imagine the worlds that could lie within it. I step in dog poop.

Then it happens. I don’t know how. But suddenly I feel like an insider again. I feel the warm wind on my cheeks and the sun on my brow. I start to get quiet and watchful like I’m settling into a comfortable seat. And I look out at the world and appreciate the unique perspective I have. I feel gratitude for the common problems that I share with the other humans.

“We are probably all walking around with a little poop on our boot,” I coo gently to myself. There are probably other people feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. I walk on. All the ways I could help start to surface softly like happy little stories in my mind. Visions of collaboration, celebrations, supportive circles! I start to think of ways to help, and love, and make magic. And then I look at myself right in the eyes… and vow to do these things.

Your friend + creative ally,


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