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The Making It So Circle

Join our circle of artists, creative entrepreneurs, empowerment workers, freelancers, mamas + papas, small business owners, side-giggers, writers, and world travelers supporting and inspiring each other as we work to transform our visions into reality.


– Once a month you’ll have the non-mandatory opportunity to gather virtually with inspiring and creative people and discuss powerful shit.

– You’ll have the opportunity to request free feedback and light editing on writing drafts (business or personal) anytime you want.

– You’ll receive occasional emails from me in which I share Making It So Membership specials, simple tips to help you experience peaceful productivity in whatever you are creating, and inspiring stories from around our Making It So circle.

*** Note – this is the last year that Making It So membership will be Free. Sign up now to be a founder of this supportive circle and never have membership dues.

*** FYI – This is not a Facebook group. We meet in real-time via Zoom gatherings, and correspond old-school through email correspondence. This creates a more intimate and personable culture within our community. It’s slower paced but deeper quality.

Make a Manifestation Map Guidebook

If you are feeling overwhelmed, foggy about your future, or need to clarify a project, goal or, lifestyle shift…Try making a Manifestation Map. This guidebook is designed to simplify the process of your next big (or small) project, goal, or task by giving you a clear vision of the end result that you really really want.

The Seasons Within You Cycle Wisdom booklet

The Season’s Within You cycle wisdom booklet and cycle tracker will offer you a deeper understanding of the natural cycles you experience in life and in your body.

The Word of Mouth Marketing Guide

This guide is full of easy everyday ideas for marketing your new project, product, or service that do not require you have special tech skills, a website, social media account, writing skills, or complicated advertising systems.

Just for Fun Podcast

The Just For Fun podcast is a personal expression of everyday living by Kenzie Snyderman. Themes include; creativity, cycle wisdom, peaceful productivity, playfulness, quiet observations, and random weirdness.

Making It So Emails

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