Things for you

Kenzie’s Desk Events + Workshops 2023

Join the fun! Events and workshops to help you feel confident in asking for what you want and need, get back on track, cultivate work/life balance habits, and remember the power of gratitude.

A Quarterly Review For Business + Life

This 5-question Quarterly review is a simple seasonal evaluation to help you experience clarity, growth, and peaceful productivity in the quarter to come.

Back-To-Basics Worksheet

Discover your personal Back-to-Basics pillars. Simple activities to nourish, inspire, and set you up for success. On days when you find yourself experiencing overwhelm or stagnation, you can turn to your personal back-to-basics plan to bring you back to center.

(Name)storming Guide

You’ve got a great idea, you made a cool thing—a new service, business, product, tool, or experience! Cool! Now you need a name for it. Here are my 7 best practices to help you narrow down your perfect name. With lots of real-life examples to inspire your process.

The Making It So Circle

Join our circle of artists, creative entrepreneurs, empowerment workers, freelancers, mamas + papas, small business owners, side-giggers, writers, and world travelers supporting and inspiring each other as we work to transform our visions into reality.


– Once a month you’ll have the non-mandatory opportunity to gather virtually with inspiring and creative people and discuss powerful shit.

– You’ll have the opportunity to request free feedback and light editing on writing drafts (business or personal) anytime you want.

– You’ll receive occasional emails from me in which I share Making It So Membership specials, simple tips to help you experience peaceful productivity in whatever you are creating, and inspiring stories from around our Making It So circle.

*** Note – this is the last year that Making It So membership will be Free. Sign up now to be a founder of this supportive circle and never have membership dues.

*** FYI – This is not a Facebook group. We meet in real-time via Zoom gatherings and correspond old-school through email correspondence. This creates a more intimate and personable culture within our community. It’s slower-paced but deeper quality.