-What you’ll find here-

Hello, I’m Kenzie, I write the articles, poems, and other things you will find here.-


Kenzie is an entrepreneur, consultant, and writer based in Alaska. She is known as “mom” to two and “Hey baby” to her childhood-bestie and life partner. She values life-giving relationships, empowering communication, and peaceful productivity. She writes and hosts workshops on cycle wisdom, personal growth, and work/life balance.


Coffee and gratitude are my drugs of choice. My bliss zones include; writing compulsively, singing loudly, and dancing in the shower. I raise little humans, collaborate with empowerment workers, and pause for poetry.


– Kenzie has kept a journal since she was 5 years old.
– She has a collection of rocks and shells from all over the world.
– Before becoming an entrepreneur, she trained to become a Mortician.
– She has lived in Alaska, Alabama, Florida, New Jersey, Indiana, South Dakota, and Germany.
– Virgo Sun, Gemini Moon, Gemini Rising.
– Comfort food: Cinnamon toast.
– Fantasy career: Cave diver.

-3 nice things-

You have the power to choose rest, rededication, and support.
Need to clarify your next goal? – Make a Manifestation Map.

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