My favorite tools for organization, creativity, productivity & whatnot.

Today, I’m sharing a list of life and business tools that I love. 

I don’t receive any payments/affiliate fees/commissions of any kind for recommending the tools that I’m sharing here. I am recommending them purely because I like them and find them very useful. That is all.

. . . 

I use…

Canva for creating fancy documents and photo files like my guidebooks, worksheets, event flyers, business cards, headers, logos, postcards, and personal stationery. 

Tick Tick: Todo list for my Commitment Tracking System and for collecting everything (I mean absolutely EVERYTHING) I need to do from random errands to specific work tasks. Then I organize each thing by priority and date and wah-lah! The Checklist awaits my checking. 

Trello is another Commitment Tracking System I use. It’s free and I use it for organizing more complex project boards for myself, my clients, and collaborators. I collect all links, files, lists, login info, brand info, and due dates in one beautiful space. Also, I love adding a special background to each board.

Grammarly for checking my and my client’s writing for typos, missing words, duplicate words, and over-used words. However, I try not to obsess over typo stuff too much, because life is too damn short to waste time panicking over “teh” versus “the.” Right? Right. The important thing is that the magic of our words land in the eyeballs of those who need them most.

Brain Sync meditations for focusing during deep work sessions, reprogramming unhelpful mental narratives, deep fulfillment hypnosis, and rest and relaxation

Foreceipt for tracking where my money is going and coming from. I use the desktop version and mobile app version. They sync up and you can download/print spreadsheets, graphs, and balances that are automatically created in the app as you add things. 

OrganizEat for collecting recipes I love from ANYWHERE (the internet, the countless cookbooks I check out from the library, or my own made-up ones) this app allows you to collect and save recipes AND THEN create a weekly meal plan out of them and grocery list. AND! Share it with your best friend! 

Cook Once Eat All Week for quick healthy meal plans that are categorized by what ingredients are already in your pantry or easiest to pick up. 

Mailchimp to send out my email newsletters.

Wave for collecting payments and sending invoices. I love that wave allows all types of payment options from credit cards to bank-to-bank transfers.

Spotify for making my own music playlists—and discovering other people’s playlists, too. to unsubscribe from dozens of email lists all in one click. I love decluttering my inbox.

Metabolic Renewal to keep myself healthy, strong, and energized. A hormone-balancing fitness program for women that leverages a woman’s natural cycle and/or phase of life to deliver a custom plan of action for her unique hormone type. The two weeks leading up to my period I simply walk, eat less, and prioritize rest. In the other half of my cycle, I eat more, exercise more, walk, and prioritize rest. It’s amazing. I love it. My body loves it too! 

Wheel-of-the-Week for weekly planning and work/life balance. This is simply a printable planner page that portrays the week in a circular fashion reminding me that life is balanced by natural cycles that ebb and flow. In and out. Night and day. Work and play. My week has 4 phases or seasons you could say. Sunday/Monday are Spring-ish— I warm up, organize, and set myself up for success for the rest of the week. Tuesday/ Wednesday are Summer-ish—I schedule the “hard” things, heavy lifting tasks, and deep work sessions. Thursday/Friday are Fall-ish—I start to slow down, wrap things up, and prepare for rest and relaxation. Friday evening to Sunday afternoon are Winter-ish—I do less, I celebrate Shabbat (Shabbat means “stop” in Hebrew) with friends and family, pause to appreciate the harvest of the week’s work, and renew my spirit. Here is a Free template. Feel free to make it your own. 

Theme days for prioritizing what matters most and making sure it happens. For example, my personal theme days include days such as: Making It So Monday, Client-Care day, Kenzie’s Desk day, and Home-blessing day. Basically, you decide what things need to happen on a routine bases in your work/life and assign a special day of the week to them. Rhythm is very grounding for me. I love my theme days but what I love even more than that is the spontaneity they afford me! Because instead of thinking about ‘when to do what,’ I can spend my energy doing what comes naturally throughout the day and know that all the other stuff has a time and place. It will all get done. I can enjoy what the moment has to offer.   

Here are 2 great examples of theme day setups: one for work rhythms, and one for home/chore organization

I hope you discovered a few new, helpful things that make your day a little better than it was before.

Here’s to staying organized, productive, focused, and somewhat-vaguely-mostly-peaceful (haaaa!) in this wild and crazy world…

I am wishing you a beautiful week.

Whatever you’re working on right now… Set your intention. Set up your workspace. Gather your tools. Commit. Focus. Dive in. Believe that it’s doable… and it will be.

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