The Ultimate Formula for Asking for What You Need

I don’t remember how old I was or how I first learned the ultimate formula for asking, but I had to have been pretty young. 

I remember the paper tapped to the wall next to my bed with my gratefully proclaimed desires written in large awkward handwriting. And a handful of Good & Plenty candies shoved inside my favorite purple unicorn pillowcase under my head. 

The Good & Plenties we’re not a stored-for-later midnight-treat (at least not for me, although they were my favorite.) The sweets were an offering to the benevolent messengers of the Universe whom I imagined would deliver my prayers for bicycles, pretty white hats with ribbons around the brim, and little brothers—to the generous powers that be. 

A few days later I was in a thrift store with my mom. I marveled at a high shelf of knickknacks and creepy dolls. At the very top there was a snow colored brim…the Good & Plenties had worked! The hat with the white ribbon and floppy sides had arrived in my life! And the bicycle and little brother arrived as well, in their perfect time. 

The ultimate formula for asking has worked for me my whole life. And the steps are so simple a small child can do it. 

1. Offer. What can you share with others? How can you make the world a sweeter place?

2. Ask. Know what you need. Really dig deep and determine what you truly want in life. Ask for it.

3. Receive. Fill your heart and mind with thoughts of gratitude and bask in the feeling of already having all that you need and want.

Now, what do YOU need to ask for? 

What’s something that would make your life just a little bit nicer? Do you need more help? More space? A different schedule at work? A raise? A plan of some kind? A friend? Forgiveness? Clarity? Collaboration? Peace?

No matter how big or frivolous the request seems, you can ask. 

I have a challenge for you.

It’s a tiny challenge. Meaning, it won’t take very much time to complete. Maybe a few hours, at most.

But it requires big courage.

And it will lead to big shifts in your life.

Intrigued? Here are the details:


Happening: June 13-20, 2022

Goal: Manifest desired resources or circumstances.

Description of Challenge: Spend 7 days working through the ultimate asking formula.

You’ll receive worksheets and templates from Kenzie throughout the week that walk you through the offer-ask-receive process and encourage you to take action. 

You’ll love the exciting trifecta of empowerment, courage, and gratitude as you implement this timeless formula for making-it-so manifestation. 

THIS OFFERING IS FREE (and your friends/family are welcome to join too)



Ps. Curious what other challenges and workshops I have planned for this year? You can check them out/sign up for whatever strikes your fancy here.

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