Journaling is like a serenity vitamin

Something really special has happened the last few evenings. My kids and I have discovered a new evening ritual. We call it Journal Time.

Normally the time after dinner and before bed is designated for quiet time. We’ll play cards, listen to soothing music, read books, sip hot tea, or as of late, just sit in a silent row on the couch and pour ourselves into our composition books.

Last night I couldn’t help but wonder what we were all filling our individual pages with. I asked my 13-year-old daughter, “what are you journaling about tonight?” She turned her page towards me, it was a list. Ideas for earning and saving money for a new camera she wants.

I asked my 9-year-old son the same question. He showed me how he was practicing writing captions for a comic strip he was drawing.

Then of course I had to give my answer. I was hand-lettering an affirmation that was bringing me peace:

Then my son asked me “what are you supposed to write in a journal?”

I told him absolutely anything that comes to your mind. Sometimes it might be a list, sometimes it might be a story or a picture, sometimes it’s a plan for something, or simply the thoughts that are cluttering up your heart or mind. Journaling can help you realize all the things you know. And it can also give your mind a place to cultivate peace and gratitude. Journaling is like a serenity vitamin! I told them.

Then we talked about what serenity was… 



  1. The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. A state of freedom from storm or disturbance.

This Saturday, January 22, Writer, musician, and community artist, Lauren Scantlebury and I are hosting a Journaling Workshop together!

This workshop is for people who are curious about learning about various ways to journal—whether you consider yourself a writer or not.

We’ll show you how to enter into a delightful cozy world all your own. How to make a journal practice out of one question, list, or intention. How to meet your deeper self and harvest the innate wisdom of your own very wise soul. 

If you have never kept a journal—you should come!

If you are an avid journaler and want to pick up some new practices—you should come!

If you know someone who may enjoy this workshop—you should bring them too! 

You can learn more and sign up here


– Kenzie 

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