5 Simple Soulful Marketing Strategies

Are you starting a business? Launching a product? Looking for your next client/customer? Promoting your next event or offering? Here are 5 simple and soulful strategies to add to your marketing plan and promote your beautiful work in the world.

Tell EVERYONE you know what you are up to. Make a list of friends, family, coaches, teachers, previous clients/employers, then set a goal to reach out in some personal way (say 3 people a day) send them an email, text, call them, reconnect in a direct and meaningful way and share your art/goals/products/services with them. Ask them to refer you to people they know who may be interested in your work. See what they are up to and if you can do the same for them.

Tell people in the world also! Your massage therapist, your dentist, person(s) in waiting rooms, at the gym, on airplanes. You never know who might be standing next to you! (I’ve gotten hired because of “coffee line chats” before!)

Print a bunch of business cards or postcards describing your work. Sprinkle them all around town—community bulletin boards, coffee shops, bookstores, the gym, yoga studio, etc. Aim to leave/give out 3 or 5 or 10 a week! Even if it’s just one, it could connect you with your next someone.

Give a big stack of business cards to your friends and family members, too! Tell them, “They can expect a happy surprise anytime one of their referrals turns into your next client/gig.” Send any friends that help you get booked a thank you gift of their favorite coffee, desert, tea, flowers.

Start a blog, newsletter, YouTube channel, or podcast. Share advice, tips, music, recipes, inspirational stories, whatever your potential audience would enjoy most. Use this to build an enthusiastic audience of fans/potential clients. Obviously, share info about your products/services, too!

Send snail-mail to your dream client/audience: a postcard, cute service related coupon-book, invitation to a free offering, sample of your artwork. A small gift and handwritten note goes a long way -You’ll stand out!

Sign up to take part in an event or create your own. Teach a free class, put together a show, in your community (or online). Even if it’s only a few people, connecting with small groups can be a powerful way to network and practice getting in front of people. Give them a small sample of your skills. After the free class ends, invite them to continue knowing/working with you, give them a little card or gift to remember you by and find more of your offerings.

Keep it simple and soulful. Your people will find you. Your work will guide you. No art is too small, no art is pointless.