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Have you made an Energy Audit list lately?

If you’re feeling depleted, disconnected, or resentful — then an Energy Audit list can help.

You’ll discover what is leaching your energy, what patterns or obligations are no longer serving you.

You’ll also clarify what types of activities, interactions, and habits support your finite energy and nurture your creative power so that you can show up as your favorite most energetic self.

The Energy Audit is a two part list. You can make the lists one at a time or flip-flop back and forth. There is really no wrong way to do it.

But here are some things that may help you get great results:

Make two headings in your notebook:

Heading #1 Things that are leaching my energy — making me feel yucky, resentful, rundown, or disconnected.

Heading #2 Things that support my energy— make me feel rested, nourished, excited, inspired, and just plain peaceful.

Start listing your personal habits, interactions, activities, conditions, environmental factors, concerns, self-talk, relationships, anything that comes to mind— under the appropriate heading.

What you do with this audit once it’s made is up to you. But just making the Energy Audit list in itself is a reclamation of your power.

You may discover some things on your Things that are leaching your energy list that are easy to let go of. Others may be more complicated, may feel pretty heavy like negative relationships, concerns, self-talk, or limiting beliefs. Those may be things you choose to remedy by reaching for support that will help you in replacing those patterns with healthier ones. Books, podcasts, coaches, and counselors are all options.

Important note *** Do not add even more stress (aka energy depletion) to your life by focusing solely on the Things that leach your energy list.

When you feel you are ready to take action, find your starting point on the Things that support your energy list.

Adding in more of what you need is much easier and instantly more effective than focusing on what you don’t need, want to stop doing, or want to delete completely from your life.

When you just keep adding more and more of what does serve you into your daily life, the not-serving you stuff gets flushed out naturally.

It’s magical and so simple.

Just add in the support, nourishment, knowledge, laughter, and good vibes that fills you with delight and the negative, yucky, no-good stuff will get crowded out of your life.

Bit by bit, day by day, you’ll be creating the most energized and productive version of yourself.

5 More potentially powerful ways to use the Energy Audit list:

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