You Have the Power to Choose

Mia was feeling tired, overworked, and out of sync with her needs and desires. She worked a full-time job, raised 3 kids, and whatever time she had left— she put towards building her personal business that she intended to replace her day job with soon. She longed for vitality, freedom, and deep connections.

She sat down at her desk after a long day at her job. Kids fed, in bed — time to work on her business. She stared into her computer monitor in a sort of disconnected trance and then suddenly, uncontrollably burst into tears.

“Everything feels so hard right now.” she texted her friend. “I have this strong desire to focus on building the life I want, but no energy to do it. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.”

“When was the last time you had a no-obligations day?” Her friend replied. “Like no work of any kind just a day of doing whatever feels good?”

Mia had to admit she couldn’t remember the last time she gave herself a day of no obligations.

“I don’t take those regularly…” she said.

“It’s time.” Her friend texted back.

“You are trying to run on empty, Mia.”

Mia thought about her mood lately, it was not pleasant. She thought about her diminishing quality of work both at her job and at home. She thought about her children, and the example she was setting for them in regards to self-care.

The next thing Mia did was a bold and beautiful reclamation of her power. She messaged her boss and said, “I’m not doing well. I need to take the next two weeks off.”

Holy shit! She felt very light all of a sudden. She felt a peaceful energy wash through her. She felt empowered and positive. She would use her stay-cation time to reclaim her vitality, restore her energy, connect with her family, reestablish her goals, and create a plan for peaceful productivity moving forward.

If you are feeling depleted, overwhelmed, off kilter. If you notice you are currently craving more energy, more connection, more peaceful productivity, let me remind you—you do not have to wait a second longer to start feeling the way you want to feel.

You have the power to chooserest, rededication, and support.

Maybe today you are at your wits end. Or perhaps there’s just some nagging frustration or discomfort you are carrying around on your beautiful shoulders. Or perhaps you are feeling fantastic and you hope to keep your energetic momentum in full swing.

Whatever the case — do something for yourself today to lighten your load or nurture your energy.

⁃ You could grab your headphones and escape into a healing meditation.

⁃ You could drink a refreshing glass of water. Or fuel your body with one of these 32 Healthy 3-Ingredient Dinner Ideas for When That’s All You Can Handle.

⁃ You could light some candles in your bathroom, grab your Bluetooth speaker, and slow dance with yourself in the shower. Here’s my best dancing in the dark playlist.

⁃ You could make yourself a cup of tea, cozy up with a notebook, and make an Energy Audit list.

⁃ You could take a walk, open a window, or water your house plants. Connecting with nature is grounding and clarifying.

⁃ You could ask for help. Outsource that thing you hate doing to someone else who loves doing it! If I can help in any way let me know.

⁃ You could turn off your computer, tablet, or cell phone and pretend you’re a person living a hundred years ago and you have no experience with email anxiety, social media rabbit holes, or cell phone codependency.

Inhale deep. Exhale slow. All that you seek is seeking you.

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