No art is too small. No art is pointless.

Maybe your art is a meal, or a space, or a business, or a silent intention that ushers love and peace out to the world. Maybe your art takes up physical space in this world. Maybe it does not. One is not more real or more important. We need all the art. That’s why we all long to produce our own brand of it.

Art will always find its people. It will land within reach of those who are in need of its unique remedy. So please be generous with your art. Because someone somewhere is waiting to feast on its nourishment.

Lets have it.

Feel like sharing your art with me and my readers? Send me an email at and tell me what you are up to.

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You’ll have the opportunity to request free feedback and light editing on writing drafts (business or personal) anytime you want.

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8 thoughts on “No art is too small. No art is pointless.

  1. This sounds intriguing, Kenzie… I’m sending the request for info, but not ready to say for sure yet about participating

    1. Wonderful! No pressure. We are a come as you are/show up when you feel the urge kind of circle. Our focuses are playfulness, passion, and peaceful productivity. 💛

    1. We meet virtually once a month usually on a Sunday via zoom or google meet. We also have a private google group where we share work and emails. No Facebook. Would love to have you join us. 😁

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