Focus. Productivity. Momentum.

Why does setting goals and getting things done looks so different for Solar and Lunar focused individuals?

We all embody both a Solar and Lunar self or side. However, one side in particular may take the spotlight at different times or may dominate our energy body overall. The Solar and Lunar selves can work in opposition or in tandem. The more we can learn to honor and appreciate the unique energy each has to offer the more balance we can usher into our lives and our creative process.  


The Solar Self utilizes the left-brained analytical mind that uses logic to comprehend life and experience and believes in all that can be seen, touched, and quantified. Solar focused individuals do and decide based on logic and reason. They measure, make plans, and prefer to begin without doubt or confusion. They tend to start out slow and methodically and then build aggressively. Like the Sun they work with a fierce and stable intensity. Their final products often offer long-lived results. Solar focused people tend to create things that provide stability, protection, and solutions to problems. Their results can last for many generations, are hard to break down, and tend to be less flexible than the creations of their Lunar focused counterparts.

The Lunar Self utilizes the right-brained intuitive mind that uses creative imagination, symbolic language, and sensitivity to move through the world. Lunar focused individuals don’t necessarily decide to do a thing, they feel compelled to do a thing. They have an urge or streak of passion and they let it guide them. They may start fast and build slowly in comparison to Solar focused people. They trust the flow, which means they are more likely to change their mind or reconfigure their plans. They do not fear uncertainty. A Lunar focused person will use the natural cycle of creation to build. Like the Moon their energy will wax and wane. Like Earth they experience intense Spring and Summer like periods of growth and creativity, and they also experience phases like Fall and Winter when they intuitively ebb, take inventory, rest, and let ideas incubate. Lunar focused people like to create things that refresh and inspire and nurture. Their results often help to break down old systems and usher in the new. 


 It is important to remember to honor our personal process above all else. We must take what we can use from well-meaning resources but expecting someone else’s system to work exactly as well for us as it does for them may leave us feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. 

I am a person who regularly swings from one side of the solar/lunar pendulum to the other. This energetic dance used to confuse and discourage me. But now I understand it is a powerful creative process and the key component to the momentum required to achieve my goals.

As a lunar-focused individual and entrepreneur, I can tell you that it is easy to find information on setting goals, being productive, and staying focused that is logical but sometimes unwise for my natural state of being. At the same time, I consciously surround myself with solar-focused superstars. I appreciate their help in doing things that require a higher level of solar “specialization” than I may possess. And in turn, they benefit from my ability to keep things fresh. I have stopped comparing myself to those who function according to a different metronome than me, or who are producing products or outcomes based on a different intention or perspective than I have. We are all who we are for a reason, our individual energy, intentions, and goals play a role in the balance of the universe.


I have learned to keep my productive momentum consistent and strong by tracking and honoring nature’s cycles. I do this by paying attention to the natural forces cycling within and around me and purposefully aligning with them instead of unknowingly working against them.

I often tap into my solar side when I am in a building phase. For example, at this time, I am in the Spring phase of my menstrual cycle, my Solar self is more active at this time. Right now, my Solar self is providing me the ability to find logical evidence in my experience and relay information so I can share it with you, it is also providing the focus needed for writing it. However, I have to admit that what made me start writing this in the first place was a whimsical desire.

 A week ago I was in the Winter phase of my cycle, my blood days. My lunar self was more dominant and my productivity was more subtle. I rested, I gave into the visions and dreamwork of my days. I surrendered to my sensitivity and the stillness that I craved. This laid the foundation that I am standing on today, it has provided me the clarity and sense of regeneration necessary to jump into my flow state.

PS. Interested in learning more about cycle wisdom and the dance of opposing energies? Send me a message at with subject: CYCLE WISDOM — and I’ll send you a special surprise to help you deepen your understanding and synergy with the natural cycles within you and around you.

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