The No More List

  • No more comparing myself to others – I live by the means of my own passion and power and unique offerings.
  • No more forcing (fast) solutions – I delight in slow deliberate growth.
  • No more waiting to fill my tank until it’s empty – Keep my cup full and overflowing so I can pour into who/what I love.
  • No more rushing – peaceful productivity only.
  • No more self doubt – I pledge allegiance to my souls knowing.
  • No more holding back – I will be brave and true.
  • No more waiting for others to fulfill my needs/desires – My satisfaction is my job.
  • No more barricading myself behind limiting beliefs – I will continue to tenderly take the walls down that stand between me and my visions of ultimate fulfillment.
  • No more “junk-relationships – Only mutually respectful life-giving relationships.
  • No more waiting to be “better” to begin – I start now.

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