Dear Weird Headed Weirdos

That is the title of My 7 year old sons latest TikTok video. Yea he just checked off “make TikTok video” from his daily checklist.

It appears Boaz has succumb to my overly ambitious daily checklist ritual. And is kind of doing it better than me. He likes to add things to his daily list that he has already accomplished and then immediately check it off as some form of productive trespassing.

I confess… a few times this week I’ve noticed items on my list that needed more than a 12 hour life span. So I’ve tried Bo’s little trick to restore balance to my Universe. And let me tell you something… it is intoxicating.

So full disclosure… My obsession for checklists has taken over the 4X6 foot chalkboard that lives on our dining room wall. Each of us has a unique list that acts as our own personal sheep dog whose job it is to keep us safe and sane inside the invisible Time pasture of our day. It also provides me a false sense of control during these schedule-defying times…

Anyone else feeling this vibe? Or am I the only scattered yet simultaneously creatively bloated mom trying to do life-changing projects and stay sane? All I know is, regardless of whether my list is made up of slow checks, fast checks, or past-tense checks, writing the checklist is very grounding and clarifying. And checking things off also offers a sense of peaceful progress and cosmic synchronicity.

I’m sharing this because I thought you might be like “hmmm I’m creatively bloated and ambitious and could maybe have some fun with a checklist too!”

What if we shared our daily checklists with each other for one week?! Would we celebrate little wins together? Would we accomplish more of what we want to as a result of the accountability? Would we remember to focus on feeling happy and grateful every day? I don’t know. There is only one way to find out.

Send me an email at if you want to play ! We’ll start Monday. ✨✔️

Your weird headed weirdo,


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