You’re invited to this free heart-happy storytelling event – Pants are optional

Friends! This is an event that your heart would hate to miss. I’ve been attending Generation Circle’s virtual storytelling event on Monday evenings. And this is a list of things that have happened to me during its hour-ish gathering:

1. I heard something that reassured me that I can and should reconsider what is mine to give.

2. I celebrated with a lovely family a win they had waited to receive for years! Which felt pretty much the same as eating a piece of cake.

3. I laughed so hard some of my chamomile tea came out of my nose.

4. I shared in the reverence of another’s Divine intervention… Which brought peace to my heart like a deep, green, walk in the forest.

5. I realized a new way to go about doing a thing that I have literally been struggling all week to master.

6. I learned that I was not alone in bearing a certain discomfort. And this helped me feel happily human and whole despite the weight of the uncomfortable thing.

When you are part of an event like this it’s like bringing your heart to a happy feast. It’s even better that I can be (there) and also (here) in my living room with a mug of tea and no pants!

Join us this Monday for another storytelling vircle (virtual circle)! We’d love to have you as a storyteller or a quiet observer. Share in our storytelling bliss!

This weeks theme: Travel. Tell us a travel or adventure story.


Share or Listen to a story. All ages welcome!

Monday, May 18th
7:00 P.M. to 8:00ish (Alaska Time)
On Zoom!
Meeting ID: 509 289 9124

Format –
– Gathering on zoom at 7:00 PM (AK time)
– Share a 5-6 minute story (or just listen to others and work on your puzzle)
– Questions and comments! (Positive feedback is always appreciated!)

Please note this is a family friendly gathering. Please do not share stories with explicit language, sex, or violence.

Come as you are, pants or no pants! Invite a friend!

Look for Generation Circle on Facebook or Instagram.

See you there!


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