I am a woman and a cosmic ambassador

I am a cosmic ambassador
I help represent the cycle of things
Like the moon, my face and mood
Change ever so slightly each day

I wax and wane
And wax and wane
It is simple yet I still find it strange

I can bring you the light I catch along the way
I can bear the dark mysteries and shadows of this place

Questions for the shadow side, the darkness and the bringing of new light:

– Who am I jealous of? (What do they have or do that I wish I could experience? Can I shift jealousy into admiration? And let the sting show me what I am craving and go for that thing?)

-If I was a horrifically superficial & shallow person, what would I really want? (FAME and MAD RESPECT and A JACUZZI WITH MOOD LIGHTING is a perfectly acceptable answer.)

-What am I bored of/sick of/ready to burn down?

-What do I really want to do that I am I too scared to do right now?

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