This Tenacity

Nature’s tenacity, though disruptive at times, is also truly life-giving.

A strong pulsed continuum.

This morning I lay in bed too long and watched reluctance drag at the feet of my tired spirit.

I want to stay where I am. Not go back to the wakeful world, not back to an uncertain reality.

Then I hear a relative of my spirit say:

Is this day any more uncertain than all the other days? Things change constantly, this is the Nature of life.

I’ve connected with this relative before. But it has been a long time. And I don’t know for sure which ancient seat she occupies or if she is simply my past or future self. But she is always kind and calm and wise.

What carries us today is also what has and always will. She coos.

Our breath. The in and out.

Our perspective, our focus.

Our ability to wait…And in the waiting find joys and thankfulness.

Our courage—to reach for each other. And be the love and compassion and laughter that is needed.

Perhaps we hunker down. Connect. Play. Tell our stories.

Perhaps we reinvent ourselves.
Declutter our hearts and minds. Take down the old and build a new.

Perhaps we’ll turn words (ordinary ones that pack power like “peace”, “health”, “clarity”) into mantras that pull us like an inhale into the light-filled centers of ourselves.

Perhaps we come to stand at a window that dwells within the Light Palace of our souls and look out to find portraits of personal purpose and creativity.

Perhaps it will all be so slow that we’ll remember the true Nature that holds us and propels us through time and space.

Perhaps we’ll recall the power of deep breaths that pull peace and light from our holy centers.

And let each exhale pour all that peace over our heads like a soothing element that drains into all our dark or worried spaces.

Breath after breath after breath may be like this. We have time.

Until we start to feel the weight and comfort of the soothing elements of our centers.

Until it makes a sound like the whispers of our mantras.

And we feel the power of our Greatest most resilient selves. This is the ancient, primal, promising Nature that carries us. This is our trustworthy tenacity.

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  1. I love how you write! It always feels so good to read. It’s like honey for my heart. Love you lots, Mom


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