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The “Anywhere I Can Get it” Fitness Plan

One day I may lead a Buti yoga session, or a cardio-quicky class, or offer a shower-dance fitness tutorial… One day I may finally regularly attend a fitness class at the Y or that hot new yoga studio I’ve been meaning to check out. One day I may hire a fun and affordable personal trainer. Soon enough I envision myself on blissful runs a couple times a week and taking a different type of dance class every month. One thing I can say for sure is that I wholeheartedly declare to discover the amazing strength and agility that my body is capable of.

However, lately, I have been more focused on other areas of my life. And I have not yet laid the foundation for the fit and fabulous lifestyle I want and need. I have on many occasions through out the years gotten wildly ambitious and set goals that I could not achieve fast enough for my own non-sensible standards.

Now I know better. Today, I am simply stepping in that direction. My method for redesigning that area of my life is different than it’s ever been. I have learned through all my past failures what I can reasonably expect from myself. And that just like with redesigning anything else, it takes time. At this time I am slowly and steadily integrating new activities, breathing practices, concepts of my desires, and fitness habits into my life.

So right now my Fitness-plan includes things like making a desire map,which is a list of all the must-have/dream-come-true desires of what “body bliss” means to me. I’m also accepting where I’m at and setting SMART reasonable goals and sharing them with others like you (Hey! you can share your SMART goals with me too if you want, (template below) I would looooove a body-bliss buddy) My integration plan also includes tons of plain old, trying, learning, re-trying, and of course hypnotizing myself while I sleep with Kelly Howell’s Sacred Body – Guided Meditation. I love anything by her! I’ll link that Youtube vid at the end of this post as well.

Here is a list of my current slow and steady fitness integrations (and where they happen) :

Books I’m using to develop my fitness-integration plan :

Inspiration/Resources :

Ps. I would be so grateful if you shared your favorite fitness resources with me in the comments.

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